Demo Reel

Demo Reel Breakdown

1.  Explosion FX from Blast! 

  • Blast was a collaborative effort of 5 students, and I was the FX lead for the project.  In this sequence, I did all the FX, compositing, and post-processing for the explosion and smoke trails.  I also created the scene lights, simulating light cast from the explosion.  These FX begin in the last few frames of the first shot as the screen is covered in a white flash, and they continue through the next two shots.
  • I created these FX in Maya and rendered them with Mental Ray.  I rendered the cast-light pass with RenderMan.  I used Houdini for compositing.

2.  Lightning & Spark FX from Blast! 

  • In these shots, I created all the lightning and spark FX as well as the blue light they cast.  (not the smoke)
  • I used Maya to create the lightning and sparks.  I rendered the lightning with Mental Ray, the sparks with Maya Hardware, and the lighting pass with RenderMan.  I used Houdini for compositing.

3.  Drink Pour & Bubble FX, Shirley Temple Cocktail

  • I created this project using Houdini 10.  The liquid is a particle fluid simulation, and the bubbles are particles. I shaded, lit, and composited it in Houdini as well, and I used Mantra to render it.

4.  Candle Flame & Smoke FX

  • All work on this project is my own.  I used Maya fluids to create the flame, and rendered it with Mental Ray. The candle is textured with Slim and rendered with RenderMan.
  • I programmed the smoke simulation using C++ and OpenGL, and I composited the scene with Houdini.

5.  Raytracer 

  • I programmed this raytracer in C++.  Notable features are depth of field, caustics, and environment lighting.

6.  Collage Sculptures Algorithm, Thesis Research

  • I created a program to fill arbitrary target shapes with arbitrary element shapes densely and without overlap.
  • I export signed distance function data from Houdini using Python, assemble the sculpture using C++, and import it into Maya to render with Mental Ray.

7.  Programmed Particle System, Fireworks

  • I programmed this interactive particle system in C++ and OpenGL.  I output the particle data to text files and used a utility to convert the text files to Maya PDC files.  I wrote a Python script to batch process these files.  I modeled the bottle rocket geometry in Maya.  I rendered the particles using Maya Hardware and the bottle rockets using Mental Ray.  For compositing, I used Houdini.
  • A user can control when fireworks are emitted as well as the presence and direction of wind.

8.  Interactive 2D Raytracer & GUI, Light Scatter Research 

  • I developed this program and its UI using C++, OpenGL, and FLTK with the goal of calculating the light scattered out of the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • I implemented interactive 2D ray tracing as well as ray marching and grid marching. The latter two methods enable simulation of light through objects with non-constant indices of refraction like Earth’s atmosphere.

9.  Paper Lanterns

  • All work on this project is my own.  I wrote RIB files and used RenderMan SL to create the paper lantern displacement and surface shaders.  The image is rendered with RenderMan.

10.  Procedural Garlic

  • All work on this project is my own.  I created the surface and displacement shaders procedurally using Slim.  I modeled the plate and garlic in Maya and rendered the scene with RenderMan.

11.  Sneaker

  • Pencil sketch

12.  Dahlia

  • Digital photograph

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